The Gan unlocks a new, exciting adventure every single day — it is a super safe zone where our kids can be and express themselves, feel genuinely loved by their Morahs and by Hashem, and work on growing into their greatest potential.

- Brielle M.


The Gan is a place where children thrive, grow and shine. My kids love going to school to the Gan.

- Yehudis C.


The Gan Montessori is such a kind and caring environment. I am routinely blown away by how much my children have learned in this setting and how loved they feel. The Morahs (teachers) are creative, kind, and loving, while still being able to set appropriate limits. Also, the Gan has worked so hard to keep our children safe during this difficult pandemic. 

-Rebecca B.


Both of my sons are thriving at the Gan Montessori, they love going to school each day to see their friends and teachers. The staff are so warm and teach my boys so many valuable lessons and skills at their level so they feel confident and independent! The love for Judaism is palpable, the hard work, professionalism and attention to detail is much appreciated!             

 - Michal M.


We are so happy with our decision to send our two boys to the Gan. It is amazing to see the amount they learn and how taken care of they are each and every day, judging by the smiles on their faces at pick up. However, most importantly, and most obviously, the children are so loved by their teachers and made to feel like the most special little humans in the world every single day! That quality sets the Gan apart and we are so grateful to the teachers there!       

 - Tamara G.


Having our third daughter in kindergarten at the Gan feels incredible! We were so blessed to have sent our kids to such a warm, wonderful and beautiful school over the past eight years. The Gan prepared my girls well and gave them the skills necessary to thrive in elementary school. More importantly, it’s been a community school where parents can gain the support we all need during our children’s early years.   

- Chaya T.


The Gan has been a blessing for our family especially having moved to town during a pandemic. There has been incredible warmth and care shown by the teachers and administration. We couldn’t be more pleased with our child's growth and confidence in such a short time and can’t wait to see his continued progress as a student here.

- Nicole M.


The Gan is a place where each child is a treasure. It nourishes our children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. It’s a place that fosters independence, nurturing and a love of Torah and of life. We are thrilled to have our children grow in such a warm and loving environment.  
- Livia D. 
The care and the intentional detailed education in both Jewish culture and child development is phenomenal. It has surpassed our expectations!
- Adira B.