Our preschool is staffed with trained Montessori early childhood educators. Each member of our school faculty is sensitive to the needs of the children and their f amilies and has a strong commitment to quality Jewish education.

Our director and our teachers are dedicated group of professionals whose level of commitment to each child does not stop at the classroom door, and whose commitment to early childhood education is truly an avocation. As a result, they bring to their jobs a unique and special blend of professional skills and personal experience.


Administrative Staff  


Chaya Wolvovsky

Rabbi, Financial Director

Rabbi Berel Wolvovsky

Accounts and Billing

Caroline Friedman

Administrative Assistant Chavie Spira
Class Aleph Keti Dadon
  Lucia Torres
  Mitzi Gonzalez
Class Bet Belinda Wilson
  Viti Merkin
  Eva Arevalo
Class Gimmel Yhudis Gross
  Abby Romero
  Johana Rivera
  Ashley Ramirez
Class Daled Malky Telsner
  Dalia Nave
  Irene Puac Puac
  Isabel Martinez-Campos
Kindergarten Rachel Feldman
Music Leah Kott